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AND TOURS when we feel like it.

Small Beer Mania: The Return on Party Guy and Hoppy Smalls

We're proud to announce the return of two of our favorite small beers in cans! Party Guy, our 3.0% abv Sour Parti-Gyle Small Beer and the remake of Hoppy Smalls, our 2.9% abv Local Hopped Saison. Summer is the perfect time for delicious, hydrating beer in a can for your hike, kayak, camp or porch. And we've got one each for sour supporters and hop heads! Stop on in to the brewery or keep an eye out at your favorite Craft Beer Supplier for these little guys in the very near future. Oh, and since we've got the small part of the Parti-Gyle ready, that must mean that the Big Beer can't be far off...