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Party Guy

Style: Parti-gyle Small Beer

ABV: 3.0%

Availability: Party time! (16oz cans and draft!)

At Hermit Thrush Brewery, we encourage the reduction of waste in any way that we can. In looking at historical brewing processes, we were intrigued by the Parti-gyle style of brewing where the mash from a strong beer is used a second time to make the wort for a lower-alcohol small beer. In honor of the style, we named the beer Party Guy, and will continue to use the name for our experiments in exciting new small beers.

Party Guy: Mr Manager

Mr Manager is the small beer brewed from our upcoming Belgian barleywine Jolly Abbot. Four days of sour mashing bring out a bright lemony tartness that is supported by herbal aged hops and a dry malt finish. This is the refreshing, sessionable sour beer that you didn't even know you were missing. It's Party Time!